Wednesday, July 28, 2010

America's Got Talent (AGT) (2010) - July 28, 2010 (Results #3)

Remember, this is from the live show last night.

The acts are:
The South Philly Vikings
CJ Dippa
Harmonica Pierre
Polina Volchek
The Strange Familiar
Chipps Cooney
Kaya and Sadie
Jeremy vanSchoonholden(?)
Debra Romer
Studio One Young Beast Society

Of the 12 acts. Four will move on - Three by America's Vote and from the 4th and 5th of America's vote, the fourth to move on will be chosen by the judges.

My picks: The Strange Familiar, Haspop, Debra Romer, Studio One Young Beast Society

And live performances from The Jabberwockies and Mike Posner.

Segment #1

The first group out: The South Philly Vikings, CJ Dippa, HasPop
Sharon: I am absolutely shocked. I'm very nervous (likes all the acts)
The act going into the semi-final and moving one step closer to the $1M and a headline show in Las Vegas is: HasPop.
Doing this for his family. It means everything.
Howie: (Did they make the right decision?) I believe so. CJ Dippa is at the very start of his career. If they voted on raw talent alone, the wow factor, of the acts on the stage, Haspop, you've got it.

Segment #2

Orville Lounge from last night (after the show)

The Jabberwockies perform (dance group from Vegas)
Performed three years ago on AGT. Now they have a Vegas show.

Segment #3

Next group: Chipps Cooney, Studio One Young Beast Society, Polina Volchek
America has voted. The second act going through to the semi-finals is: Studio One Young Beast Society
Feel so accomplished, and on their way to their dream.
Piers: I'm distraught that Chipps Cooney is going home right now. I'm sure Howie's right
You guys... I really am thrilled for you. Last night I saw dedication, focus, and real talent. Look at Jabberwocky earlier. They didn't make it through. No matter what happens, you will make it.

Next Group: The Strange Familiar, Debra Romer, Luigi
(Shoot... ALL are great!)
Piers: I think America will have thought long and hard about it. Because Luigi had two great rounds, then last night was a bit off. Strange Familiar, I loved the earlier stuff, but last night, it wasn't quite there. And Debra, I rewatched the tape, and am not sure you deserved the standing ovation... You did a good job of getting over the nerves, but you weren't quite there, yet... You've done better. So, I think this selection will be fascinating.
And the act going through: Debra Romer
Sharon: I'll say what I always say, America always gets it right.

Segment #4

Mike Posner performs

Segment #5

The next group: Harmonica Pierre, Kaya and Sadie, and Jeremy vanSchoonholden(?)
America has voted. The act LEAVING the competition and going home, is: Harmonica Pierre.
And... Commercial

Segment #6

Sharon: I want to put everybody through, but I can't. I think that I'm gonna put Jeremy through.
Piers: Under normal circumstances with a trick cyclist and a pair of belly dancers, it would be the belly dancers. But Jeremy, you showed me last night how entertaining it can be. I'm going to go with the act that I can see winning this competition. And for that reason, I'm going to go with Jeremy. (He's through without Howie voting.)
Howie: I think Jeremy should go to vegas, and Kaya and Sadie should come to my house. (Vote wasn't needed.)

That's it for this week.

Haspop, Young Beast Society, Debra Romer, and Jeremy vanSchoonholden(?) are throught to the semi-finals.

Cya next week. ;-)

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